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Ring Groups

Send calls to multiple devices or people, with options for both simultaneous ring and hunt groups.

Personal Ring Groups

Each user on your phone system can add up to five different phones or forwarding numbers to their user profile, so it’s easy to answer from wherever you happen to be when you receive a call.

Pie Chart Showing 3 Different Phones

Simultaneous Ring Groups

With Tresta’s user groups, it’s easy to route calls to teams and departments. Tresta will offer incoming calls to all of the group members simultaneously, so anyone can answer.

Call Icon Pointing to 3 Different Users Ringing at the Same Time

Hunt Groups

Don’t want to offer calls to everyone in a group at once? Tresta can help with that too. Use our call flow builder to create a list of users and/or groups that you can route calls to in sequential priority order. Tresta will ring each user/group for a duration that you can specify before moving on to attempt to reach the next person in the list.

Hunt Group Attempting to Reach People in a Call Flow

It’s Easy – Let’s Start Here

Tresta makes it easy to get a new phone number or transfer your current one.