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Users & Groups

Flexible users and groups for call & text message routing and system permissions.

Route Calls & Texts to Users and Groups

With Tresta’s easy to use call flow builder, you can route calls and texts to individuals and teams with ease. Route phone numbers directly to individual users and groups to provide direct lines, or create a shared company phone number that utilizes an auto attendant to route callers to their desired user or group by dialing an extension or by navigating a menu of options.

Tresta’s phone number options also make it easy to control who can dial out from your phone numbers or access other phone number specific features.

Call Routing Icon with Lines Pointing to User and Group Avatars

Add Users with Total Flexibility

Tresta makes it easy to scale your phone system as your business needs change. Add or remove users at any time without a contract or term commitments. Tresta users start at just $15 per user per month, and with our volume-based pricing, your price per user drops as your user count increases.

List of Users with an Add Button Surrounded by User Avatars

Create Groups for Teams and Departments

Use groups to represent departments, teams and other organizational units. Each group includes a shared voicemail box that everyone in the group can access, as well as the option to distribute calls to group members with simultaneous ring so that anyone in the group can answer the calls that are routed to it.

Several Deparments' Avatars with a + Button to Add a Group

Manage Permissions with System Groups

In addition to the groups that you may choose to add, Tresta includes three system groups that control permissions within your phone system.

All Users: Members can only make changes to their own user profile.

Billing Admins: Members are able to view billing invoices, modify the payment method on file and cancel service.

System Admins: Members can make system configuration changes that affect how your business phone system works.

Three Icons Representing Tresta's System Groups

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