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Visual Voicemail

With flexible options for individuals and teams, Tresta’s visual voicemail is built for business.

Visual Voicemail for Individual Users

Every user on your phone system comes with visual voicemail built-in, with the ability to easily customize the voicemail experience with a personal voicemail greeting.

If desired, you can also designate other users to receive copies of a user’s voicemails – great for people who rely on an assistant to help them return calls.

An Illustration of Individual Users' Visual Voicemail Boxes

Visual Voicemail for Teams

Every group also has a visual voicemail box built-in, with options to grant all members of the group or only select members with access to view, mark as read/unread and delete voicemails in the voicemail box.

In addition, you can also create standalone voicemail boxes that are not associated with a specific user or group that you’ve added to your phone system.

An Illustration of Shared Visual Voicemail Boxes Used by Teams

A User-Friendly Inbox for Your Voicemails

Unlike traditional voicemail, with visual voicemail, getting your voicemails has never been easier. You’ll never have to dial in to check your messages or remember a voicemail pin.

With visual voicemail, your voicemails are presented in a user-friendly inbox that you can access using our web and mobile apps. Browse through your voicemails just like you would with your email inbox, and simply click play to listen to any voicemail in the list.

In addition, you can also configure message to email to receive a copy of your voicemails by email if you prefer.

Tresta Virtual Phone System Apps with Voicemail Screen

Unlimited Storage

In addition to a simple visual format for accessing your voicemails, Tresta’s voicemail boxes include unlimited storage and retention, so your callers will never encounter a full mailbox that can’t receive new messages. Keep as many voicemails as you want, for as long as you want.

Infinity Icon Surrounded by Lots of Voicemail Icons

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