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Control how calls route based on the day of week and time of day.

Flexible Call Scheduling

Tresta‚Äôs flexible call scheduling accommodates a range of scheduling needs – company office hours, department hours, individual team members’ hours and more – and you have complete control of how your calls are handled within each schedule range.

You can apply a schedule anywhere in a call flow, so you’ll have the flexibility you need to accommodate just about any use case.

Screen In the Tresta Web App Showing When a User Can Receive Calls

Main Business Hours

Create schedules that adjust call handling based on your main business hours. Easily play a different main greeting, provide callers with different menu options, and/or send callers to different locations when you’re open vs when you’re closed.

Week View Showing a Company's Office Hours

Department Hours

If you have departments that maintain different hours from your main office hours, it’s easy to create custom schedules that accommodate each department’s unique hours and call handling needs.

Week View Showing a Department's Hours

Employee Hours

Create a schedule for each employee, and Tresta will automatically send calls to the right place based on their availability.

Week View Showing a User's Hours

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